Sunday, September 21, 2008

14 kindergarteners and a goat

The title says it all! Abby had her turn at show and tell last Tuesday for kindergarten. It was letter D day and she wanted her dad to bring down her pet fainting goat Daisy. So I took the family pet to Cokeville and we had a show and tell. To a couple of the kids you would have thought I had a bear at the end of the leash. Some of them wouldn't even pet her. But all and all the day went great and Abby got to show of me and daisy!

Birthday Boys

Last Sunday was Bentley and Bills' birthday. We celebrated both of them at Bentleys' baptism. Gayle made both of them construction cakes, we made Bill's with a trackhoe since he is building a house in Bear Lake and bought one.

Bentley got a new set of scriptures for his birthday and baptism, and an ipod for his birthday and being such a good kid.

Bentleys' Baptism

We had Bentleys' baptism last Sunday afternoon. We did it on his birthday and celebrated with family and friends. All of my family except Joyce came, we even got Julie from Salt Lake there. It is quite the feat to get Julie to a family function. Some friends from Cokeville came too. We took Owen in his fancy stroller and ended up making a bed for him on the floor. The Browns' gave the prayers, Bill gave the baptism talk, and Philip gave the Holy Ghost talk. After the program we ate and celebrated Bentley and Bills' birthdays with cake. Gayle made a cake for both of them.

Owens Bed

Philip and Bill, the two speakers

Congrats Bentley you are a very special boy!

Monday, September 8, 2008

First day of school, Owens birthday, Go Pokes

I struggle with keeping up with this! I am catching up on two weeks with this post.

Here are the kids on the first day of school, Cokeville sends a bus to our doorstep for them. Abby asked the other day if there was summer school she wanted to be involved. We are trying to keep the enthusiasm up! Bentley goes to second grade and has wanted to sleep in since the first day. We are trying to instill some of Abbys' excitement in to him.

Happy birthday Owen! Owen turned eight months on the third. He is still growing and smiling, nothing else to report. He has his two bottom teeth, from the words of favorite Dr. Chan, "they are for biting the people he doesn't like." He needed them in the hospital. We have been very blessed this summer, we missed out on four power outages. The last affecting Evanston, Randolph, and Cokeville lasted over sixteen hours. We had quite a few calls the next morning when the power still wasn't on to see if we were at home or at the hospital. We are having issues with rocky mountain power, they claim they can't red flag us for quicker service because of liability. Our service people come out of Evanston and act like the world will wait for them.

Gayle was feeling a little cooped up Saturday and decided she needed a trip. So Owen and I had a man party at the house. We watched college football all day and hung out in our pajamas. Here we are watching the Cowboys play, I am teaching him young to route on the ole Pokes!