Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bentley's Flat Stanley Goes to Japan!

Bentley's class read the Flat Stanley book and then each student sent their flat stanley somewhere outside of Cokeville. Of course Bentley wanted to have his Stanley go really far, so when I mentioned his Dad's cousin Ryan in Japan he was so excited. We asked Ryan and his wife Kristy if that would be okay and they agreed to it. (Bless there hearts!)
We waited for quite sometime, and I told Bentley that mail to Japan and back isn't the fastest thing. A week before school got out it came, Bentley opened it and couldn't believe just how cool his Flat Stanley was. They had dressed him, not colored him, which made Bentley even more excited. Then they listed all the places they took him and I can't remember them all but they were pretty cool. They sent candy that was the Japan version of Hello Kitty candy.
They went way beyond what we were expecting. I wish I were that motivated and creative. Thanks Ryan and Kristy, you did great and made Bentley's day and week!

Chocolate~Cheetos and Licorice~~~~ YUM!

We have been giving Owen 'tastes' for some time now but these he really enjoyed. Lenn gave him chocolate, he wasn't too sure about that but then seemed to like it okay.Then Shauna (his OT/PT) gave him Cheetos which he loved!!
And the cinnamon licorice was a favorite. He also liked the pink lemonade sucker from Lisa the speech therapist. Which honestly I am not sure if it was the taste or who was giving it to him. He instantly loved Lisa.
Shauna comes about 3 times a month and almost always shows up with a new kind of treat that she stopped at Flying J to get for Owen. She is so nice and Owen loves her.