Saturday, September 24, 2011


So much to write and so little time! We have been meaning to take a family vacation and it hasn't happened until now. We decided to include it with the 'Jimmer's All-stars' game. Bentley and Abby have been asking to go to Chuck E. Cheese's since we lived in SLC with Owen, so I thought we would go early and take them there. They had a blast, but I left the camera in the van so you will have to take my word for it. Bentley, Abby and Lenn hit the games and Owen and I watched the animated animals sing. Such fun! Owen loved it though, nothing can beat music and lights even when it's cheesy.
Then we headed to the hotel to get Owen plugged in and re-charged for the night. Bentley and Abby even had a little time to swim.

Then it was time for the big night. We were all excited for this, even Owen loves Jimmer. Last year I would hold him and watch Jimmer and every time we cheered and yelled 'Jimmer' he would smile.

So here are a few pictures....Owen and I were up in the handicapped seating, it looks really far away but we could still see everything. Again, Owen loved all the music, lights and cheering. (He did have ear plugs.) Lenn, Bentley and Abby were right across from us on the front row. Bentley and Abby got to give all of Jimmer's team five as they came out on the floor.
One of our favorite NICU nurses was at the game too. She came over to visit during half time but I am not sure any of us heard what the other said, it was so loud.Of course we were all hopeful to meet Jimmer and some of the players but we heard that our chances were slim to none since all the players were now NBA players with agents. BUT....our luck was with us that night. Jimmer's brother and friend did the half time entertainment and after they came and stood right in front of Lenn, Bentley and Abby. Lenn took a chance and ask about meeting Jimmer and they said they would see what they could do. They told him if I could find a way down the elevator they would get us back there to meet Jimmer. I found a way down! We got to meet the two of them. While we were waiting, Abby came over to me and said, "I can stay awake if I get to meet Jimmer." I looked at her eyes and she was tired to say the least. After awhile Jimmer's agent came and got us to take us back behind all the security. It was AWESOME, we were so excited.

And here is the man himself. He seems like a really good guy. After we met him and talked for a minute his finance' came back and we got to meet her too. She is also very nice.

Luck was still with us and we got to meet Jackson Emery too! Super nice guy! As we were visiting, Kemba Walker came by and Lenn got to shake his hand too. What and amazing night, I could hardly sleep that night I was so excited.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Bentley turned the big 11 this year. I thought he would be done having 'cute' cakes, but I was wrong. As we were watching Despicable Me, he said "Mom I want a minion cake, the one with the diaper."
He actually got two cakes this year. Kids always want a party with friends but I have never braved that one, so last minute I decided to surprise him at the park with cake and ice cream between school and football practice. We had one of the coaches tell the boys and we told Bentley that the coach called and wanted them to meet at the park to go over some football stuff.
After school as the boys were coming, Bentley kept looking at us wondering what we were doing there, finally he asked, "where's McKay?". He was there for football not cake and ice cream! It was pretty funny.
Cake #1All the boys in Bentley's class except one.What is this??? Bentley couldn't figure out why I was telling him to read the paper. Then he saw 'Jimmer's Allstar game' and realized it was a ticket to the game.Bentley's Jimmer Fredette jersey.

Cake #2, the minion in the diaper. Go ahead and google that to try to find a picture of it.

Bentley shares a birthday with his uncle Bill, Lenn's brother that lives near so we celebrated together. Happy 11th birthday Bentley, we love you!!

Wow, who is this helping clean up after the party??? Thanks Lenn you are the best sweeper!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Just in time.....

It time for football again. Bentley LOVES football and pretty much counts down for the season. Owen has made it to all of his games the last two years and we want to keep that up. One week before Bentley's first game his new stroller came. It came into Salt Lake and Lenn's sister was coming up that weekend so she brought it up for us and we are all excited!
Owen's physical therapist came and made sure it would be comfortable for him. He is set with pretty fancy new wheels.
Enjoying a little sunshine, but not too much of it.

Bentley is #20 this year. Here he is with some of his 5th grade buddies.Devan and Bentley, one of Bentley's best friends since pre-school.

Some of the team. They had a Jamboree on Saturday and they played really well as a team and beat all of the teams there.