Monday, July 21, 2008

Cokeville Parade

We decided to put Owen in the twenty fourth parade in Cokeville last Saturday. It began on Thursday, when a bunch of teenagers on a youth trip, showed up to do yard work. We were still debating on how brave we were to go to the parade. So we had some of the young women make our posters in case we went. They did a great job as you can see by the pictures, I would have never come up with what they drew. To be honest I had gotten some stencils in Salt Lake. The morning started chaotic as usual, Owens' treatments, final touches on the float, breakfast, and getting the other two kids dressed and fed. And of course, we had the camera with us so the pictures are of when we turned and had to wait for the end of the parade to come around.

It was a way to thank the great community we belong too. Every time the parade stopped we had two or three people coming into the street to see Owen. We had a lot of "welcome home" and people clapping. My old 64 chevy made a great float and the kids got to throw a lot of candy. Bentley was depressed that he wasn't going to get any candy, but I think in the end he was happy. Thank you to all that helped this become a reality!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We made it, with one night in the book!

One night down and the rest to look forward to. Yesterday we packed up and headed for home. Of course it was during the four o clock traffic on foothill. Gayle said a prayer at one of the red lights and that seemed to calm the anxiety for a few moments. I took a deep breath and we made it to the mouth of parleys. Every mile was a milestone.

Since I had a lot of time to think and I went home last Thursday to work cows, I brought a trailer back to haul the van home. We needed to both be with Owen in case of an emergency and this saved on precious gas. Plus as you will see in future pictures we needed the room in the van for stuff. Where does one come up with all this stuff? We went to Salt Lake with the back of the truck loaded and some in the van. We just about needed a yard sale to come home, and that was only two months worth.

Here we are in Evanston and getting closer to home. We stopped for dinner because we knew what it was going to be like once we got home. Mom and dad happened to be in Salt Lake for meetings and we sent Bentley and Abby home with them. That opened up a little more room in the truck for Owen.

Finally home! As you can see by the picture we even did a little goat trading while we were in Salt Lake. Gayle was wondering why all the funny looks, then we remembered we had goats.

The kids made Owen a seat from their bean bag chairs. He seemed to enjoy it and it helped entertain him while we unloaded the cars.

And finally for all you people with neighbors within feet of your personal space. Tadaa, here are my neighbors and they are many feet away from me!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


WE ARE HEADED HOME!!!!!!! It is 2:30 and we should be packed and out of here by four at the latest. See you at home, cross your fingers!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fourth of July

Happy fourth a day late! At about 6 pm we decided to head to Provo for the fireworks. Nellie kept calling and wondering if we were coming, so the way we went. I told Nellie under three conditions, 1. she needed to get us past the road block with all the cops, 2. we needed a parking spot by where we sit in case Owen needs to leave, 3. we needed power, once unplugged we have 7 hours give or take. We really don't want to test that one. Bless her heart she came through with both, I had to talk my way through the first road block and Nellie got me the rest of the way. It's funny, you mention vented baby and all sorts of problems get solved. We packed and packed, then drove and drove, then unpacked and unpacked. We realized what it takes to pack for a day trip, get the u-haul ready for the over nighters. Owen did great, he got tired of it after a while. We laid him in his fiery red wagon and he watched the kids, leaves, and noisy F-16's. Gayle sat in the truck with him during the fireworks and got his feeding going. It worked out because Gayle got to see the fireworks, I packed during them, and the minute it got over we were the first car out. Owen and Abby slept all the way home while Bentley watched for fireworks. I have a secret route in and out of that miserable town, I stumbled on it by accident. Don't tell Gayle, I told her I knew where I was going the whole time. But I will sell my new found knowledge for a price to anyone that needs to get there and home fast, and it helps to have a heavy right foot. I think men just have built in gps. It was a good test for the trip home when and if it happens.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Unbirthday

July 3, 2008, Happy Unbirthday Owen. Six months old and never been.....home!(Other than that one miserable night) On this great and miserably hot day, Owen got to go get his finger pricked! He wasn't very happy about the whole thing but it was over in a few minutes. We had to get a blood gas test to make sure he is tolerating his new vent. Once again thanks to all of you that are helping us reach our final goal.

This kissy face is for you, Ms. don't ever come see me, Amy Vanderwuff.

Seeing if the ipod will ease the cough assist. As you can see by his face it did not help, but it made his siblings laugh.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Owens' new ride

Owen has a new ride! We got the home ventilator yesterday and made the switch. This is the vent that we wanted when we left the hospital but IHC did not have any available. As you can see by the pictures as to why we wanted it. Owen is now portable to the extent we do not need a caravan. The new vent comes with a backpack, so we can go places the ole wagon would not let us.