Thursday, April 26, 2012

All about Bentley

Bentley likes to be the life of the party or anything that is going on for that matter, even if it is just dinner!  He is silly most of the time and I need to laugh more rather than try to get him to act proper.  In this picture we were trying to get some pictures of the tractor and feeder for a friend and this is how he wanted to be in the picture.
Then there is this side of Bentley, sweet and tender.
Most of all Bentley LOVES sports.  Football is his favorite and then wrestling, basketball and softball.
This was his last year in pee-wees and they handed out old singlets for the boys.  They were so excited.
Bentley and two of his buddies after the tournament in Randolph.
This year was a little crazy, wrestling and basketball happened to be at the same time.  He was on a team with some other classmates.  They went to a few tournaments and did pretty well.
This was one of Bentley 3 or 4 losses in peewee wrestling since kindergarten.  I think he did pretty well.  This kid was older and had wrestled jr. high and beat most of the kids there.
180 vs. 110
Oh my goodness, poor Bentley was the closest weight to this kid at the Cokeville tournament and he was huge.  Bentley did great and beat him but it was a work out.  He slept well that night!
I mentioned Bentley being silly but he is also a major teaser!  As we were taking pictures of our show lambs Bentley caught the runt and was doing a mock show with him.  He is always being funny or teasing someone, usually Abby or me.
Right now Bentley loves, sports, video games, his lambs and helping on the ranch. He has been counting down to jr. high football for at least a month.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

All about Abby

I was going to do better this year at keeping up on the blog.  Well that is not happening so here is a catch up on Abby. 
Abby has been into baking, sewing and anything crafty the last year or so.  She wanted to make an apron, so we did.  Then about six months later she wanted to make a full apron, so we did.  Her and Lenn are showing them off as they made something in the kitchen.  Abby insisted that Lenn wear the other apron so it wasn't wasted.  She is so funny!
Abby had her daddy/daughter party for achievement days in February.  They chose an Indian theme.  We made a dress out of a gunny sack and then she painted it.
Modeling her Indian dress.
Then of course Lenn had to be funny!  Since it was an Indian theme and they were invited to dress up Lenn figured he would go as a cowboy.  Abby was NOT happy with this, in fact she was so unhappy with it she would not get her picture taken with him.  Lenn was just teasing her, what he does best, and left the gun and hat at home. She was much happier.
Abby and friends cheering on their brothers at a basketball game.
The 3rd graders had to do an oral presentation with a power point.  They all did very well,  I was impressed.  Abby did hers on horses, no surprise there.
Abby turns 9!  She was funny (again), her birthday party was after conference on Sunday and she insisted that her hair be all done and that she was 'fancy'.  This is what she wore all day, but it wasn't her party dress.
Her tangled cake.
Here is the party dress!  She was a princess.
The sign she made herself.  I saw her doing it and I told her I was going to and she said "Oh I didn't think anyone would make one for me."  She is the poster maker in the family.

She wrote me a note telling me she wanted an American Girl doll for her birthday and she wanted to buy it.  She said we wouldn't have to use one penny of ours.  She is quite the girl, I am not sure where she came from but she keeps us on our toes all the time.  She picked out 'Mckenna' and she loves her.  It was still a surprise because I kept telling her how expensive they are and I just wasn't sure.

Right now Abby is still into reading, clogging, animals, friends, crafts and pretty much anything.