Monday, July 27, 2015

Our Trip to San Deigo-Day 1

Day 1
We got up at 4 am to fly to San Diego, California for a vacation. We always planned on taking Bentley and Abby on a trip after Owen passed away to celebrate Owen, I guess.

We got to San Diego early so Lenn thought it would be a fun idea to drive down to Mexico! I was nervous but he had been there and was excited. We ate authentic Mexican and then went shopping. We found out that you do not show interest in anything or you are hounded until you buy it!!! We all found a little something and decided we wanted to get back to California as fast as we could.

All was well until we got about 5 or so miles from the border and all the sudden we were halted!! For those next few miles there were Mexicans selling goods and the middle of the freeway. It was amusing but took us 3 hours!! No joke, we timed it!

Lenn was having great luck in picking lines....or not so much. We were so lucky to get in line with a nice fellow with little mans syndrome!! Lenn was told, by an unnamed source, that we didn't need passports to get back(that changed four years ago). This guy questioned us, two white people with two white children(we had our drivers licenses, but he wondered about our children)?? Why did we come, how long, why so short and why didn't we have documentation on these children?!? Lenn's response 'we are just hillbillies from Wyoming'. The mans response 'well I live in Califonria and I have a passport'. Finally he looked us all up on the computer, asked if we'd open the trunk but then didn't look and let us go with a scolding for the next time. Pretty sure there won't be a next time anytime soon!!!

So much fun in day one of celebrating Owen;) Next time maybe everyone will take me up on finding a sacrament meeting!! Haha! I'm sure Owen and Landry were laughing hysterically!

We stayed at this resort that was close to Sea World and they told us that Sea World does Fireworks each night at a certain time. We love fireworks, so did Owen! Now he has the best view.

Pictures taken from the car while driving.

Our authentic Mexican lunch. Bentley did have sprite, I promise!

Lenn and I ordered this, not sure what it was but the waiter said it was good. Major language barrier! It was kind of like shrimp salsa.

Abby had a beef burrito, she tried to stay safe. Bentley had a shrimp burrito. This is the first time in a really long time he didn't finish his plus some. He finished about half, it was huge.  

Shopping!! Bentley was nervous the entire time in Mexico, not one picture without a funny face. Poor kid.

Um...what?!? We are stalled on the freeway and people are walking through selling things! Gracious, we were not in Cokeville anymore! Then they had children begging with cups and disabled rolling around in wheelchairs. It was sad and made us grateful for how spoiled we really are and how easy life is.

Butterflies!! These made me think of another special angel.

Toy Story desk anyone? It's missing a few parts but might be cheap ;)

I know it's rainy but it was sure nice to see U.S.A.!

The view from our first room. This is the Sea World tree. I found it ironic to have this outside our window, Owen loved lights.

We took George with us everywhere we went. Our little reminder that Owen was with us and will always be.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

7 Years ago

Seven years ago we were in the Cokeville parade to celebrate the 24th of July or pioneer day. We thought it would be a great way to thank the community for all they had done for us since Owen's birth the previous January.
This year we find ourselves in need of thanking everyone again! We would like to thank everyone personally but I am afraid we will miss some because there has been so much done for us since the passing of Owen.
Thank you to all who supported us through the his viewing and funeral. Thank you to our bishop and his wife for getting the church ready for his services. Thank you friends and ward members for the food that was provided the night of the viewing and the day of his funeral. From the snack bags to the sack lunches to the meal in Laketown. Thank you for the dinners brought to us. Thank you for the cards, texts, messages and phone calls. We appreciate all the love and support given to us by all of you.
Many traveled far and we didn't get to visit much but your love and support is appreciated, we thank you for the time you sacrificed on our behalf.
We are grateful for your friendship and support during our 7 and 1/2 year journey with our precious Owen.
Thank you!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Owen Robert Johnson

Owen Robert Johnson was born January 3, 2008 in Logan, Utah. He was born with low muscle tone. He never had a true diagnosis but was thought to have Spinal Muscular Atrophy. He returned quietly and quickly to his Heavenly Father July 10, 2015.

Owen loved music, lights, books, cartoons, being held, coloring and playing on the iPad. His latest loves were FaceTime for preschool, story hour, primary and Kindergarten. He recently finished his Kindergarten year and got the starburst award for being the ‘star’ student.

He was a true light and special spirit in our home. He loved primary music and talking about Jesus and Heavenly Father. He was surrounded by angels often and would have his conversations with them. He would give a look of disappointment when he was interrupted.

He blessed our lives in too many ways to count and changed our lives forever. Owen had a way of touching anyone who came in contact with him. He will be missed by many!

Owen is survived by his parents Lenn and Gayle (Tinker) Johnson, his brother Bentley, sister Abby all of Cokeville. His grandparents Robert and LaRue Johnson, of Randolph, Utah, Michael and Jana Walker of Vernal, Utah and Bryan and Jodi Tinker of Manila, Utah. He is also survived by many loving aunts, uncles and cousins.

He is proceeded in death by his little brother Landry, maternal grandparents Gale and Linda Sue Tinker, great grandparents and other loved ones.

We would like to give a special thank you to ‘Owen’s team’! We could not have made this journey without you. Thank you to the doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, social workers and therapists that quickly became family. To Sam Janney and crew for ultimately getting Owen home! To Best Home Health for taking a risk and accepting Owen. To Firmco for taking care of all of his equipment needs. To the Kindergarten class, teachers, therapists and staff and Cokeville Elementary. To the Cokeville Library staff and the many primary teachers he had. Of course to our dear family and friends who also made this journey possible. Thank you for your love and support and mainly for believing in us.