Sunday, July 22, 2012

Make A Wish ~ Day 3

We had another great day!  This time we got up and on our way with beautiful weather coming our way!  In fact it was so beautiful that it was starting to get HOT!  We started out by pretty much chasing Lenn to keep up with him.  He was on a mission of some sort and you would have thought it was a timed event.  I guess with Owen it kind of is.  Lenn had seen the map of the zoo and realized how huge it is and the day before at the aquarium Owen's vent batteries ran out and and we had to leave in a mad dash.  I guess you could say Lenn was justified! 
Owen ready for the zoo!

We stopped a lady to take our picture and she told us to say "happy Denver", that was the saying of the day!  Abby would repeat it and then giggle.

Owen and Abby waiting in the shade while Bentley was in line and Lenn was parking. (little did he know
Abby's elephant ears!

Bentley's elephant ears!
Bentley and Abby measuring up to the gorilla's.
This is Owen's 'I'm interested look'.  He was watching the carousel here and he did the same thing with the train.

I have mentioned before how silly Bentley is.  Here is proof, I know it's a blurry picture, but he is doing the princess wave! 

Owen loved looking at the train, it was one of his favorite things at the zoo.

Bentley got a gorilla at the zoo.

Abby loves zebras so she got her one.
It was so hot at the end we got Owen in the RV and Bentley picked out this giraffe for him.  He loves it!

We had a great day, it was hot but Owen and his vent did fine and the zoo was full of shade so it wasn't miserable.  Another great day!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Our camp site

We stayed at Cherry Creek State park.  It was an amazing park and we only saw a little bit of it.  It wasn't far from downtown Denver but it was surrounded by trees so you felt like you were up in the mountains somewhere.  It was beautiful!  We all love it and enjoyed our stay.  Bentley and Abby loved the vending machines in the wash house, they even took their credit cards.  They thought that was pretty amazing!

Eating dinner

Our campsite

Abby was amazed that there were deer right next to us

Ice cream every night!  Who can beat that?

We took bikes and scooters and had a good time riding them around the campground.
Bentley had to show off by riding his scooter and eating ice cream!

Sunset the last night we were there.

Abby's flowers she picked.

Watching a movie as a family. 

Lenn playing guitar with Owen.

Make A Wish ~ Day 2

Let this be a warning...I love pictures so be prepared for A LOT of them! A story just isn't a story with pictures.
A cold front had just gone through Denver so we thought we would go to the zoo before it heated up again.  We got up and ready and headed to the zoo.  Lenn said "What about this cloud covering Denver"?  I said "let's go and see".  It was only minutes later that this downpour started.
We were stopped at a stop light and saw this waterfall down the stairs from a parking lot!  We quickly changed our minds and headed to the aquarium!

Bentley and Abby

The USS Landry's, a ship in the aquarium.

We ate lunch at the restaurant at the aquarium and this was dessert! YUMMY!  The restaurant is owned by Landry's..more to come about that.

The mermaids!  This was our second time through, we knew where the show happened so we got there and didn't move.  They waved at Abby and Owen, blew kisses and then made a little heart.
I had to make Bentley get his picture.  He claimed he wasn't too impressed with the mermaids!

Yes, they are different mermaids than above.  I couldn't convince Lenn to get Owen's picture with them because of the crowd but on our second time through we were standing there as they came up to get pictures so Owen was first in line with the mermaids that were blowing him kisses.
She was waving at Owen.
Bentley and Abby in the rain forest.

Abby climbing the coconut tree.  She shimmied right up to the top!
We all got paint on tattoos, we had a free face painting with our tickets so we used them.
Bentley and Lenn got Rockies, we picked out Nemo for Owen because he loves the bright colors, Abby got a dolphin and I got a dragonfly.

There were stables and horse rides where we stayed.  We knew Abby would love to ride a horse.  After the aquarium we headed to the stables and surprised her with a horse ride.  Bentley said he didn't care to go but I wasn't letting Abby go alone on a horse ride with a stranger!! 

Owen's aquarium souvenirs.

Abby with her souvenirs!  Abby will not be given a credit card anytime soon!  She was so excited to spend her money she couldn't pick just one thing!

Bentley did a great job too.  They wanted to race but there was boy with Abby that was struggling a bit and took a few tries and then gave up.  (Sorry these are out of order.  I haven't quite figured out the new blog thing.)

Lenn and the kids' tattoos.

Bentley and his shark from the aquarium.  They were so excited to pick something out and pay for it without asking.
 We had a great time at the aquarium, everyone loved it.  Owen loved the sharks.  There was also a 4D Yogi Bear ride that was really fun.  Bentley, Abby and I rode it while Lenn stayed in the RV with Owen.  It was still raining so hard we didn't want to get Owen out yet and it had moving seats and Lenn was afraid he would be sick for the day!

I cannot say thanks enough so THANK YOU!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Make A Wish ~ Day 1

And we are off!  Lenn had a surprise in store and he didn't tell me until we were on the way.  The Saturday before was my family reunion and we couldn't go because of break downs and hay so he surprised me by taking us down through Vernal to see some of my family.  We got a late start and pulled in around midnight so we waited till morning to visit.

Owen is ready to go!

Abby is all set!

Bentley and cousin Tanner are hooked on the xbox!

Abby and cousin Camree are glued to the American Girl Doll video!

Some of the cousins that got up early to come see us before we got on our way. 
Thanks it was fun to see you!

My stepdad, Mike, Owen and my Mom
Thanks for the power, breakfast and the visit.  It was so nice to see you!

After breakfast and a little bit of visiting we started on our way. 
We were actually leaving Utah but we needed a picture.

Owen ready to go again!

Abby was just happy to be there!

The wild pony we saw at our stop in Craig.  We heard it just wanders around.

Some of our scenery

We got Bentley and Abby their own disposable cameras.  Here is Abby taking one for Bentley.

No, Bentley is not acting in this picture.  I didn't even think I got this picture because I jumped up to go catch him.  Luckily he caught his balance, then with a smirk said "What did you jump for"?  Like he hadn't just fallen down this mountain.

The funky tree!

This stop was beautiful!