Saturday, January 21, 2012

No Regrets

One thing I will always somewhat regret is not having a real family picture with Landry. So now sometimes when it Lenn's turn to go to church with Bentley and Abby, I'll get Owen and I ready and when the others walk in the door I grab them to get a quick family picture. (It usually takes a bribe for Bentley and Abby.) It isn't ever anything fancy but we are together and that is what matters. I wish the quality of the self-timer picture was a little better but o'well.
I have a hard time having a family picture without Landry so I figured I would stick him in there too.

A little update on Owen: I think we have a winner on a diet with a few more calories and a new medication for comfort. It is hard to tell how well he is tolerating it though because he hasn't been feeling great. I am not sure what it is for sure, a cold or just some sinus yuck, and he has always had issues with his ears and I think one might be bothering him. He has good days and not so good days. Over all he is still a pretty happy little guy, he is such a trooper and we can't help but be happy around him.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Time for an update

Now that Owen is 4, he is a sunbeam in Primary at church. The sunbeam teacher is a great lady and wants to have Owen involved even though he doesn't go to church. She sends home the lesson each week and told the class about Owen. This is the crown from the first week, his classmates put the stars on for him. The picture he is holding is from a little girl in his class. She went home and kept asking her Mom, 'who is Owen?'. Her Mom took her to our blog and showed her Owen, so she made him a picture and had her Mom write a little note on the back. So sweet!! Each time I think of this picture and note I get teary eyed. The love of this little child and the example of her Mom are great examples to me. Now for the update...I love the holidays and the fact that you are so busy that reality kind of slips away. But now that the presents have been opened, decorations put away and cake and ice cream have been had for Owen it's time to get back to reality! Darn, too bad I can't stay in la la land!
In November of 2010 Owen's bowels started slowing down and he needed more than just juices, so we were introduced to giving medications throughout each and everyday. It was well worth it because he was so much more comfortable with them. Then he stopped tolerating night feeds (which is when you can push more calories). A few months later he needed a different formula that was easier to digest. In another few months he needed yet a different formula. As we stayed on top of things he has stayed happy and comfortable. His smile really makes dealing with things easier. He is still happy, healthy and comfortable besides a few head colds/ear infections now and then. We pray everyday for the comfort to continue.
In November of '10 he weighed just under 40 lbs., he is now 30 lbs. He is not able to tolerate more formula for added calories, we tried again this last weekend and by Sunday night he was not happy, as soon as I pulled most of his food out a look of peace came over his face. He slept much better and woke up looking as though he slept well. We have a few other options to play with in his diet so we hope we find a winner.
I know this update isn't a cheery everything is great update but so many of you ask about Owen and our responses are "good, he's healthy, fine, okay, he's happy" which are all true but the reality is Owen is good but not great. It's hard to be brutally honest in public for fear of having an emotional break down in front of everyone. He is happy but his little body isn't holding up like a healthy body should. He is four and his body is trying to grow but cannot take in the needed calories it takes to grow. We will do our best to keep our little man as happy as we can.
We have been so blessed for him to do as well as he has and we will always be grateful for that and this precious time we have with him. We work with some amazing people that help us with Owen's needs and diet and I know they do all that they can to help him. Now it is up to the Lord, we are banking on His love, comfort and guidance at this time.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Owen turns 4 years old

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our little, big man. What an inspiration he is to all of us. He is one amazing boy. I cannot believe we celebrated a 4th birthday with him, it still hasn't really sunk in yet. He LOVES Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV so I made Mickey this year. I think he was wondering why he couldn't snuggle with this Mickey, he loved looking at his cake but when I let him feel it with his hand he cried. It wasn't near as soft as his real Mickey.

"Here's the Mickey I was looking for."

Lenn figures Owen is the only one that gets his cake in the chair.

Lenn brought him this balloon and thought he would love it. It turns out it took a few days of warming up to the balloon.

Sending Happy New New Year wishes to Landry.

Sending birthday wishes to sweet angel Mercydez.

Happy birthday Owen, we love you so much.