Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thank yous~Answered Prayers~Miracles

First of all, thank you for your prayers in our behalf! I feel the strength they have brought. Since I updated about Owen and asked for prayers I felt like I should share the story of answered prayers. Before I shared Owen's update I had been praying that I might be in tune with Lord so that I would know which way we needed to go to help Owen be comfortable. I had also been praying that the doctor would be inspired as to what he needed.

I knew he needed a change and I was almost demanding a new medication. I had talked with the doctor's office and the lady wasn't telling me what I wanted to hear. She wouldn't tell me of any other medications. I was getting so frustrated because I knew Owen would feel worse. I kept praying. Finally in the calm and quiet of the a night, a thought came to me that maybe it isn't a medication. Then my mind started working overtime. I kept praying. The lady from the doctor's office was supposed to call on Tuesday. I waited and waited all the while thinking about what we could accomplish during our conversation, trying to think how we could get to the bottom of the issue. She never called, again I got frustrated. That night I realized it was a blessing that she didn't call. I had waited with my mind focused on the issue at hand all day long. That night, again in the quiet it came to me that is was his diet that needed changed. I was so excited. I felt so good about this and it was an easy change. The next day Dr. M. called and we had the best conversation about Owen and the future. She was Heaven sent!! She suggested a new formula that we are trying now. She listened and we worked out a lot of things. She is amazing. We have been blessed with a great 'Owen's team'.
The miracle is that I actually listened! I was ready to give up then I looked at Owen and realized I couldn't, it wasn't about me. I was being selfish. It was getting hard so I wanted to quit. That is when the Lord really stepped in and took over. I am so grateful for the Holy Ghost and my Savior.

This new formula is easier to digest. It isn't going to be a sudden change but hopefully we will see improvements in a week or two. I am so happy about this change. I will keep you updated as best as I can.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

February 2011

February 2011 was filled with snow, fun, basketball and stress. We have had so much snow this year, Bentley and Abby have had a ball playing in it. It has been a crazy winter. It snows a ton then melts, and we would get another huge storm. CRAZY!
We spent a lot of time with Owen. He didn't have a great month, but he pulled through it. (It has to be the pink neck pillow, right?) Tough boys wear pink. Even though we had plenty of days of worry, he never failed to share his smiles. Once you have been buried in the sand you have to be buried in the snow too!!
I don't know that Abby will do this again, but I am pretty sure Bentley would:).
Bentley and Abby both played Jr. Jazz this year and loved it. They both did well. Abby is still in the younger age, so really it is mass choas. The kids still have a great time.
Bentley really did good this year. He is quite the hustler. I know his picture is really dark, I haven't figured out my camera in the gym yet. He's the big man dribbling the ball down the court.
I don't know if you can tell, but Bentley is posting up in this picture. I was so proud. He didn't get the ball but he sure had good position. Abby was pretty happy with herself that she dribble the length of the floor without picking up the ball and then dribbling again!! I thought that was funny.
Lenn and Bentley decided to go skiing one Saturday, what they didn't know is that is was some free pass of some kind. It was sold out!! They made one run and decided it wasn't worth the wait in line for anymore runs that day. They came home, Bentley was disappointed because he has loved learning to ski. Lenn came in the house and told me why they were home so early but we couldn't figure out what was taking Bentley so long to come in. We figured he was out sulking. Lenn yelled outside asking if he was okay and he said he was fine, but after awhile we had to go find out what was going on. We were so wrong!!! Bentley was out making the most of all the snow. He was out skiing down any hill we had!! What a kid, who couldn't love him?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Owen's update

I have promised an update to many, I guess today is the day.
We love our little man so much and this update isn't one I have been looking forward to. Owen is a fighter though. I cannot believe how much of a fighter he is with such a weak body. After he was named Owen, we found out that in Irish Owen means young fighter. I think his Daddy picked the perfect name.
In February 2010, Owen started needing prune juice to help his bowels work well. The juice worked great up until the week before Thanksgiving. Since then we have been using a medication and it worked great through the holidays and his birthday, (what a blessing). The last month or so his bowels seem to be slowing a little more, needing more medicine to work properly.
His heart rate and O2 sats have been great thus far. I truly believe we are watched over each and every day. I know Owen is never far from his Heavenly Father and that he feels of His love.
We have been very blessed to have some great doctors in our lives. They are helping us keep him comfortable with the right medications.
I pray for his comfort! He amazes me each and every day. He still smiles and interacts most of the time. When his medicines aren't at the right dose he is sleeping and 'bored'. I told Lenn one day, "Owen hasn't felt real good today". Abby said "Yeah, he has been bored all day." It was so cute that she noticed her little brothers' feelings when he can't say a word.
On those 'bored' days he is docile and doesn't interact a whole lot.
As of right now, I don't think he is in pain (another huge blessing). I think his body is just working overtime on the little things we take for granted.
With that being said I would like to ask you for prayers on Owen's behalf that he might have the comfort needed at this time and that the doctors will continue to be inspired as of what he needs.
My heart breaks knowing he is a bit closer to Heaven but I know his little brother and Father in Heaven will gladly receive him when that day comes. I don't know how long we will have our little Owen, he has surprised us many times. For now, we will continue to cherish each and every day that we are blessed with.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The big 35!

Lenn's big day was on Tuesday. We went on a date, that is huge for us. Our dear friend watched Owen and we went grocery shopping and then to lunch. We had a good time even though we had to throw grocery shopping in there. Then we came home so Lenn could go to work in the basement working on stairs! Such fun.
That night we had a nice dinner with Bentley, Abby and Lenn's parents. It was a great day, Owen had a good day and that makes everything else go well.
Lenn's horseshoe cake. His brand for the cows is a horseshoe so it makes it kinda fun.
Lenn tries to put on a tough front but he really is a softy. He does so much for me and our children. He can fix about anything he wants to and if he can't he figures out how to. He comes up with some crazy ideas that turn out to be incredible.
Thanks for everything Lenn. Happy Birthday! We love you.