Friday, February 20, 2009

Oh, Just a little more Drama at the Johnson's!!

I found the secret to aging at LEAST 20 years in LESS than 10 minutes! All you have to do is be sleeping peacefully and have Owen's ventilator decide to malfunction at 1 a.m. It gets your blood going so fast that is cleans out your veins too. So last night I went to bed 31 years old and today I think I am at least 51!
I tried waking up Bentley to come bag Owen but he was so sound asleep. I hated to call my father-in-law that late but I finally did when I realized I still only had two hands and one body to do everything. I am so thankful for him being willing to take a crash course on bagging Owen in an emergency situation. THANK YOU! After he got here I was able to check out the vent better and I ran to the basement to get the back-up vent. I came up stairs, got it plugged in and felt a strong impression (again) to turn off the vent and turn it back on. Since we never turn it off, I couldn't even find the right button. I had said a prayer earlier and realized that I had better listen. I turn it off and back on, and it has been fine since.
He is still on his regular vent but it will be sent for some service as soon as another vent comes as a back-up. Wow! What a night! Just when you think you have been through all the scenerios. I was even actually thinking about leaving Owen next week and going grocery shopping. Last night I thought 'no thank you'. I will keep sending lists with somone else.
Owen is doing fine and I think my father-in-law is recovering okay too.
After Owen had settled down and was going back to sleep I looked at him thinking what a special blessing and oh man was that scary.
It has been an equipment week, I decided. Wednesday morning the lid on his feeding pump broke and won't work if it isn't shut tight. I have rigged it thus far to keep it working and Lenn said "you can always tape it."
Lenn figures I should have all the kinks worked out before he comes home!! I sure hope so!
Everyone celebrates Friday's, I am begining to really dread them. Something has gone wrong every Friday for the past 4 weeks.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


After I don't know, forever it seems. Owen's top teeth came through. Aren't they cute! He now has four on top and four on the bottom.He is letting things in his mouth again and we are so happy!! He likes his Tylenol bottle most of the time! He loves his pink swabbie things again! He likes suckers too!

Texas and the big surprise!!

So what's up with Texas you say! Well Lenn has been in Texas for his job and has been gone for 4 weeks. At 10 p.m. last Friday night there was a knock at the door, low and behold it was Lenn! I couldn't believe it!! What a surprise! I should have known, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. (He is secretly a big softly inside.)
He brought us all a Texas gift. Bentley, Abby and I got Texas t-shirts and Owen got a Texas Tech hat and mittens.
Abby instantly did the 'hook 'em horns' sign and loves her shirt.
She wanted to wear it to school all four days, but I did talk her out of one of the days. (Thank goodness for washers, I guess). You know the saying, 'pick your battles'.
She is such a daddy's girl, I think the shirt reminds her of him.
Bentley, however was satisfied with one day of wearing his shirt this week.
My shirt will have to be posted later, it is really cute However, since Lenn has been gone I
have forgotten how to do my hair and make-up!!
We were so excited to see Lenn and had a great weekend with him.
Thanks Lenn!!
We love and miss you!!
We were sad to see him go again, but this to shall pass. Right?

-Valentine's catch up-

The kids were pretty proud of there Valentine boxes this year. (Mom was too!)
Bentley loves football so we made a football field, Wyoming and BYU were playing.
He wanted to put a scoreboard with Wyoming 100 and Byu 0. Such dreams and high hopes for the Cowboys at such a young age.

Abby loves Hello Kitty. I told them to thank Owen for the great boxes we used to decorate.
Needless to say with Owen we have plenty to choose from.
I have to brag for a minute. Our Valentines and boxes were finished the Saturday before their Valentine's parties. (That would be a record in this house!)

Abby's first shiner!

Here is the real insta' shiner!

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Doctor to the Rescue, AGAIN!!

Owen has been sick for about the whole month of January. I wanted so badly for him to get over it on his own. Finally last Monday I realized he wasn't, he was miserable and his heart rate was showing it. So I called his doctor and she diagnosed him over the phone, because he gets the same thing every time. She said if he isn't feeling better by Thursday bring him in. I said okay and she said she would cross her fingers that this would work because she knew Lenn would be gone and it would be difficult to get him there. Thursday comes along and Owen couldn't have been better. The nurse was here to do her checks and he was so happy, making faces at her and sticking his tongue out. All WAS well! Friday evening on the other hand went a little different. His heart rate went way up and his oxygen needs went up by more than a liter in an hour. That's a lot for him. I was in denial. I kept thinking I should call his doctor but kept thinking I will give him until Monday. Sunday afternoon he was worse so I called the doc., she said get him to the ER. I, of course panicked, "what do I do without Lenn", I called his sister and she came right over. She stopped and picked up another sister and niece to stay with the Bentley and Abby.
I am just not the pro at getting everything ready to go like Lenn is. But we made it out the door. I was carrying Owen, Nellie the vent and Kristi (the caboose as Abby said) with the Oxygen. I am sure we were quite the sight! We get to the van, Nellie puts the vent in and immediately it begins to alarm. ( I won't go into the details because until about a year ago I didn't have a clue what any of it meant, so I don't expect you to know.)
Anyway I couldn't figure it out but it was saying to he wasn't getting the pressure he needed. So I ran back in the house to get a few "just in case items" and then we started on our way. I later figured out what the problem was and it was no big deal.
We got to the ER and Owen's special doc. met us there. They got us in and immediately went to work. I was seriously thinking 'where are we because last time we were here they just kinda looked at us like what do we do with him'. They were great and the knew what they were doing or else played it off pretty well.
Come to find out he just had some bad infection in his throat. They did a lot of tests and cultures though, and they can take a few days to truly see what was going on.
The whole time I just knew they would send us on the Primary's but to my relief she sent us home with more antibiotics.
I called the kids and told them we were on the way home and they were so excited that we were coming home. Before we left I had tried to prepare them for the worst incase we didn't come home and had to go the SLC. As I was getting Owen ready I said "why do you make us all worry?" Bentley said "Mom that's his job!" I guess when you love someone so much it doesn't take much to make you worry.
I don't think I have felt that good in a long time. Home is taken for granted way too much.
One the way home one of Lenn's sisters' said, "a few more of these trips and we could replace Lenn." I said 'let's not even go there."
Owen seems to be doing a little better already. What a relief and a great blessing.

Kids! Ya gotta love em'!

We all have our moments, right? We surely have moments here. We have our, pretty much daily, sibling issues. After all of the fights we have had there hasn't been any battle wounds left as a witness. Last night, Bentley gave a water bottle a friendly toss and hit Abby right on her cheek bone and gave her an insta' shiner. I was standing right next to her and looked at her and thought to myself, here we go again, let's head back to the ER for a fracture of the cheek bone. That would be my luck. She started crying and hyper ventilating. I got her calmed her down and put a cold pack on her and she went to sleep. I took a picture but it doesn't show it very well, but it looks like the colors are really going to show in a few days.