Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday, October 23, 2009

The BIG Meeting!

We had an opportunity to attend the Mega Conference (a conference for those who deal with disabilities) in Casper, Wyoming. It was the second week in October and with the early flu season we didn't know if we would be able to go or not. There were two reasons for going. First, we were going to be given an award for excellence for supporting and being dedicated to our special little man Owen. Second, we would be able to meet some very special people in our lives whom we have only spoken to through email or over the phone. Last minute we decided to go because we may not have the opportunity again.
We are so glad that we went, the people we met were amazing, they are the ones who got us home with what we needed for Owen. We are sure there are many that helped that we didn't meet, but the ones we did were those who really worked hard without giving up. We are so thankful them still today.
Owen sportin' the shades on the way to Casper.
Charla (Children's special health), Owen and Sam (Governor's Council for people with disabilities). Meeting these two was more than incredible, they were the ones who put their jobs on the line to get us home. THANK YOU!
Donna (former March of Dimes), Owen and Sam. Donna found a grant for us to help pay our rent while we were in the Ronald McDonald House in SLC. We were so happy to meet these two ladies. When we felt like giving up they wouldn't let us. They kept telling us not to take 'no' for an answer. Without these two special 'hero's' we wouldn't be where we are today, home in Cokeville. They fought the battle when we were too weak to do it ourselves. Thanks Sam and Donna, you will always be in our hearts.
Abby playing with Owen at the banquet, and Owen is loving every bit of it.

Lenn trying to escape the camera. I got him anyway,
and Bentley wanted this picture to make the blog for sure.
That's a little better Lenn. I think he just wants to show off the facial hair. Bentley actually gave me a good smile.
Owen holding the award, look hard, it's clear.

Our family photo with Sam and Victor right before our lovely news appearance. Victor works with Sam and is the one who gave us our award.
Yes, I did say news appearance. Donna, bless her heart, grabbed the news reporters to ask us a few a questions and put our family on the Casper news. We were all a little embarrassed but I think Bentley and Abby would have crawled in a hole if there would have been one available.
We should be getting a copy of the news report, if we do we will try to put on our blog. We didn't know how to get it from the internet to here.
In the end we were very happy that we were able to make the trip and everyone traveled well. We had some great experiences and it was good to have Bentley and Abby around other people with disabilities and see what great people they are.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Football and Cousins

Bentley and his cousin, Braxton, faced off twice this year and it doesn't really matter what the score was, right? They both had a good time and both seem to have a love for the game. When they played in Mt. View most of their cousins were able to come watch them play, (even though they were more interested in the playground).Don't worry Owen isn't about to miss out on the football, at least he can dress the part. Go Pokes!
Owen and his cousin Camree, they are three days apart and this is their first meeting. They were at Primary's together but they were in different parts of the hospital.

Owen and his newest cousin, Camden. Owen is not the happiest, but is trying to figure out who is on his lap.
Owen made it to all of Bentley's games this year. We were so happy to be able to support Bentley as a whole family. The last game started out hot but ended oh so cold, but it didn't bother Owen a bit, I just bundled him up good and he enjoyed the whole game.
If you noticed the lack of pictures of Abby, don't worry she was there too. I am just not sure where!!! She is miss social and there were too many friends to sit and watch Bentley. At least she knew his number and saw a few of his good plays. For Homecoming week her class made little Panther flags and she made a 'go 20' for Bentley and then painted her face the same. I guess that is supporting her brother.
Lenn helped coach the team and I think he enjoyed it even though he wouldn't get in the team picture for the paper. He did a great job.