Tuesday, September 1, 2015

San Diego-Last Day

Day 5
Our last day was spent traveling home. When we started through the airport we started seeing signs about dumping all liquid, we kind of ignored them thinking we were fine when we flew out of SLC. We were 100% WRONG! Every bag got checked but Bentley's. 
Lenn was smuggling coke from Mexico, you know the coca cola,(the bottles were cute) and his big bottle of aloe vera. 
Abby had about 6 capri suns hidden throughout her bag, thanks to Bentley packing them. 
I had forgotten about the bottle of water I had packed in my bag. Jeez what heathens we are! It was a little embarrassing. 

We made it through security...finally. Then we were off to Phoenix where we had a lay over for a few hours and then finally back to SLC. The ride in to SLC made us all sick but Abby. The weather was clear but it was sure a rough ride. I am not a huge fan of flying anyway! We made it and are so grateful to be home safely.

That was our trip in memory of Owen. We sure love and miss that cute, special boy in our lives.

San Diego-Day 4

Day 4
We started our day with McDonalds breakfast, our favorite. Then our plan for the day was to relax at the Bahia resort we were staying at. We rented two fun cats and explored the bay. The one Lenn and I were in had a bad battery so at the end of our time Bentley and Abby pulled it into shore. We relaxed at the bay for the morning.
After a late lunch we got ready and Lenn and I went to the temple while Bentley and Abby went to a movie. I was pretty nervous the whole time about them being alone, in California, at a movie theater!!! Lenn assured me they would be okay, but I still wasn't quite sure. We got there before the movie was over then ate at P.F. Changs. 
We went back to the temple to show the kids and take pictures, it is a beautiful temple. Made me think that heaven might look a little like that.

 Bentley's funky burn.
 Sweet boys!