Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One Year Ago!

The battle ends and a new Journey begins
July 15, 2008 Owen made his way home to Wyoming (at 6 and 1/2 months old) where everyone slept in their own bed, and the family room became Owen's room.
We had finally won the battle, paved the way and brought our baby home. We had been told there would be absolutely NO WAY to get a trach/vented baby home to where we live in rural Wyoming.
We had made hundreds of phone calls and sent dozens of emails and letters. Every response was a no, no response or a 'sorry, we just can't help you'. We were told we were too rural and too big of a liability. We were frustrated, sad, and confused because we knew Owen was supposed to get home.
We had those who told us "no and please don't call again". (There were people making calls for us and we were double calling. Serves them right for saying no!!) We were also told "we wouldn't touch that patient with a ten foot pole". All of this because of liability and the sue happy world. We reassured them all that we would sign away all liability due to distance. We had gotten past sad, we were getting angry by this time.
Then the light at the end of the tunnel got brighter, through many phone calls and emails we were finally in touch with the right people. I can't remember how we all got connected but I remember the call that gave me Sam's phone number. She is an angel in our midst, among others. I am not sure if it was Sam that got Donna involved but the two of them sure got wheels rolling. They were two of our biggest supporters, they were not going to take no for an answer and it turned out to be a huge blessing on our behalf. They both did whatever they needed to to reach our goal of getting Owen home, and they did not stop until he was home. (Sam stills makes phone calls when needed, we love you Sam.) Donna found a grant to pay for our housing in SLC and was just a great support. I could go on and on about these two women but I don't think I even have the words to describe what they really did. They were beyond amazing and when we wanted to just give up they told us we could do it and not to give up. When we hit another dead end it seems like they found one more way to try. We wouldn't be home in Wyoming if I had not followed the phone number trail and found Sam.
How home came to be~
Wyoming's Children's Special Health purchased all the equipment needed for Owen . Dr. Depalma agreed to be Owen's doctor, which later became another huge blessing. She is more than amazing and we love her. Best Home Health agreed to take Owen on as a patient, which was a huge missing link for so long. We had to have someone be willing to take care of the equipment, which is why we couldn't just purchase it. Thanks Janelle and Wendi!
There were so many involved in getting us home and we don't even know your names. Not a day goes by with out my heart being full of gratitude for all those who brought us home. Now we celebrate one year of being in our own home, together as a family should be.
Owen in the truck leaving SLC. Lenn turned around at the last light leaving SLC and asked me "Are you sure?" I will never forget the feelings of excitement, anxiety and just plain happiness that day. We were going home but we were going into unknown territory with a very special baby.

These two pictures were taken by two very special people. The top was taken in SLC by a lady who takes pictures for babies with an unknown future. The bottom was taken the end of May by Ashlie who took the time to come to our house and take some great pictures just to be nice.
You think the world is coming to a crazy end with nothing but bad happening and then you have a baby like Owen and good works come out of the wood work. We have met so many loving, kind and generous people since Owen. There are so many good people out there and I want to be like them.

We have made it a year, but we couldn't have done it with out all of you who have been there to help and support us. Thank you!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Random Summer Pictures

In June we had very few days without rain. Three of those days we had massive hail storms with it. Bentley braved the weather to go get a handful of hail from in front of the door. I stayed inside and took the picture through the window!!!

Lenn isn't too into family pictures so one Sunday after he, Bentley and Abby went to church I decided I would get Owen and I ready and catch them at the door when they got home and snap a few pics with the good ol' self timer. They didn't turn out as well as I would have liked but it is a family picture none the less. Who says you have to have the outdoors to set up a tent. We had Bentley and Abby's tent set up in the living room one day. The three kids spent half the day in the tent, coloring, reading and listening to music. Bentley and Abby made sure that Owen was involved with whatever they were doing. Bentley even helped Owen color a picture.
Bentley playing with Owen.
Owen enjoying his binki upside down! Whatever makes him happy, right!!
Abby loves to have her hair be curly or have it braided when wet so it ends up like this.
This was Audrie's last day of coming to see Owen. She moved away and we sure miss her.
Bentley says 'howdy', he is the best at mimicking his Dad.
Bentley at his piano recital. He started taking lessons last fall and is a natural. His teacher says she has never had a student try so hard to not like piano.