Monday, October 8, 2012

Bentley's future

I saw this quote by Tim Tebow and had to do something with it for Bentley.  I pray that no matter what happens in his future he will know who holds his future.

After watching conference this last weekend it really made me think how close Bentley is to making decisions regarding his future.  I hope he will always stay close to his Heavenly Father and choose to serve a full time mission.  The new age change from 19 to 18 for young men won't make a big difference for Bentley but for some reason it hit me how close this really is.

So for now I will try to enjoy each and every moment!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bentley turns 12

It is unbelievable that my little boy is turning 12!  But he did and it wasn't a dream.  Of course Abby had to decorate.  She put streamers and balloons across his door, decorated his chair, put balloons everywhere and made a sign to hang up.  What a lucky boy to have such a nice sister!

Bentley's cake.  I thought by the time he was this old he wouldn't care about a 'cute' cake.  I was wrong and he wanted to challenge me so he asked for a show sheep cake, one that is standing on all four legs!  Yeah, he thought he was funny. Well he absolutely loved his 4-H lamb this year so I figured I would out smart him plus give him something to remember Shaggy.  He loved it!!  I wish I could have captured his face but I didn't think it would be that big of a hit.  He kept asking how I did that and if he could do that too.  He was almost teary eyed but I know I would be in trouble if he knew I told everyone!

Bishop Chadwick, Uncle Bill, Bentley, Miles, Grandpa J., and Lenn
The Sunday after he turned 12 Lenn got up and said lets ordain him today.  We had been talking about when we should do it but Lenn felt like we should do it that day.  Oh my, talk about last minute phone calls!  Some of Lenn's family lives close by so they were the only ones to make it on short notice. 
One week after turning 12, Bentley was able to go with the ward to the temple and do baptisms for the dead.  What perfect timing!  Now he is passing the sacrament and growing up way too fast.
Bentley and Lenn

Owen and Bentley

Uncle Bill and Bentley.  They share the same birthday so when
they have lived close we celebrate together.