Thursday, June 17, 2010

~Live, Laugh, Breath~

I have been meaning to let you all know about this event but have neglected to until now. This event is in honor of a little girl named Makenzie. Her parents are making sure she makes a difference. She was diagnosed with SMARD, which is in the SMA family, and passed away last December. They are putting this event on to help raise money for research and find a cure for this disease. For more information please visit

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day

Memorial Day was definitely different this year. The weather was crazy and normally I would not have cared because growing up we always knew it would rain on Memorial Day, but the whole week before? Now that is just crazy!!

We wanted to have Landry's grave decorated the whole week before. It did not happen that way. It was either too cold, windy, rainy or all of the above! We can handle crazy weather, but with Owen we have to be more careful. We finally battled the weather on Friday and got it decorated. Then we decided since we were out of the house with Owen to go on to Logan and have lunch. We had a good day and everything went well.

This picture is perfect~Bentley worrying about something and Abby without a care in the world!
Owen loved watching the tractor wheels turn in the wind.
We picked up some balloons in Logan for Landry to add to the decor. One for each week.
Here kitty, kitty! (It's an inside joke) On our way home we saw this baby skunk crossing the road so Lenn got out to get a picture. It is too bad they have to smell so bad. It was cute enough that Lenn wanted to catch it and have it de-scented.