Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Gayles' Birthday Trip

Friday 12-17

For Gayles' birthday I had a few things up my sleeve! First of all, while she was away celebrating, I stayed home and slaved over a cake... Mr. Crocker made my wife a cake! It didn't turn out to be what I had imagined in my mind, but when you have a flower and football cake pan to work with, what do you expect? Enough of the cake. I got online and bought some Christmas concert tickets, yup, I bought them. I could be the only one in a drawing and the person drawing the tickets would make up a name! So away to Salt Lake we go!

Had a hotel room that ruled. Bentley and Abby had their room, Gayle and I had our own, and Owen got the entire living room. Plus a kitchen for the nightly popcorn ritual to boot.

Amy, one of our favorite nurses, came over to babysit Owen. Earl was leaving town and Marquelle got beat to the punch. We met some really neat people in our extended stay at the hospital.

The conference center was amazing!

David Archuleta was amazing too. I had to keep my inner teenage girl inside and not squeal. Mom told me before we left that no one was to squeal inside the conference center. President Monson and President Uchtdorf were at the performance. It was neat to see how quiet 22000 people can get when the Prophet walks in.

Saturday 12-18
Owen all dressed up and no where to go..

Temple Square and the amazing lights. I was thinking the whole time strolling around how I could get my yard to resemble that... A couple things came to mind, I need a couple trees and a larger budget.

The kids at the reflection pond.

Had to go into the visitor center and get a picture with Christ. The feeling you get when you top the ramp and see Him is pretty neat. It was standing room only and my crowd rash was growing ever so large so that was our last stop. Happy Birthday Gayle, sorry it took so long to put it on here. You will never see a picture of the cake on here, but oh believe me, it was something to behold!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Birthday Pictures

Here are a few more pictures of Owen's big day. He was happy most of the day. I think he knew it was HIS day. Whenever we would say 'happy birthday' he would light up.
We have a tradition in our house that the birthday person gets to pick what they want for dinner. This year I thought Owen should be able to do this too. Of course I had to choose for him, but since Owen is on an all liquid diet I thought it would be fun to have fruit smoothies for dinner. Fun, right? Well is was until we were all freezing and decided to add a grilled cheese sandwhich to the menu. Lenn figured Owen should have had a summer birthday!!
It was a lot of fun and we are so grateful we got to celebrate Owen's 3rd birthday with him.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Man and Angel Mercydez

Well here is little mans' cake.. Gayle spent her usual, a lot of time and energy, and pulled off another great cake.

Here is the birthday boy! Hanging out with woody and eyeing bullseye.

Gayle sending the smiley face balloon to Landry.

Abby writing on Mercydezs' balloon.
Three balloons for three years, trying to cut through the fog.

I will post more pictures when I get time and the turtle internet is feeling frisky. Three amazing, stressful, sleepless, miraculous, wonderful, heart wrenching, learning years. Most said he wouldn't make it out of the hospital. To those, happy third birthday Owen..