Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween Fun

Some of our Halloween fun: The Halloween party with some of the cousins. Lenn and Owen sat this one out, it is that time of year again :(.
The donut on a string!! I don't know who it is more fun for, the spectators or participants?
Bentley's pumpkin was quite impressive, so many little teeth.
Abby insisted on doing her pumpkin all by herself this year. It turned out great too!

Lenn had Owen pick the design for his pumpkin and then Lenn carved it.
All of our pumpkins together.

The night came to dress-up. Bentley was being his silly self, but once that wig went on it at least doubled!! I was trying to take a picture of the cute cowgirl and the hippie kept jumping in the way. When I told Lenn what Bentley was doing, hoping for some help in the control department, Lenn starting jumping in too!

We finally beat the boys with the snap for the cowgirl.

The hippie with Spider man. Wow, look at those muscles. Abby thought it was funny that Owen had all those muscles and still couldn't move.

As usual, Owen wasn't too happy about going anywhere, but once he got to the van the smiles began.

While Bentley and Abby were trick-or treating, we were run down by a sweet lady. She came up to the van and handed me a little foam pumpkin and said, "this is for Owen". Then she told me' "last year I gave him candy and felt really bad about it afterwards, so I got him a pumpkin instead." How sweet is that? That was so thoughtful and kind. Thank you! Owen loves his pumpkin, it fits right in his hand.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fall 2011 Pictures

Bentley 11 years old, I found out he will do about anything if he can have a football.

Abby 8 years old

Owen 3 1/2 years old