Wednesday, March 31, 2010

He's here!

Baby boy Johnson is here! He was born yesterday, March 30. We are in the NICU and I am posting this on a nurses personal laptop and I am not so laptop savy. Our little man does not have a name yet but he is a precious little one. He was born with the cord wrapped pretty tight around his neck. He also has low muscle tone and a heart murmur that seems to be sounding better.
He immediatly needed CPAP to keep his lungs open but since 4:45 tonight he has been on high flow nasal canula and his doing great. (I hate to even get excited!)
He weighed 7 pounds 13 oz. and was 20 inches long.
We will post more pictures and updates as much as we can.
I am at the hospital and Lenn is home doing everything so if we don't answer your phone calls be patient and we will return them when we can. Thanks for your love, support and prayers.
A big thanks to a great nurse tonight for trusting me with her computer!
Thanks Tracy and Vonda for helping with Owen and everything else you have done with Abby and and house. You are great!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Whoever said boys grow up????

Lenn wins!! I am not sure who needs the congrats, me or him? This little beard thing started as a little competition with a buddy. Lenn outlasted him so I guess he is the winner. He finally decided to shave, but to do that he had to have a little fun with it. (Lenn keeps our house exciting, it is never dull when he is around!).He laughed with joy between each shave and Abby was busy hiding behind things saying, "he looks freaky"! He couldn't wait to show his Mom because he knows it drives her crazy, so he left this one. He went down to show her and she was gone, so he left it and actually went to Bentley's pinewood derby with it. I could have died, but that is just silly Lenn. He wore 'chaps' on his face for a few days.
This one is where he is right now. I would say it is a huge improvement!!
This is from last fall when Lenn decided he wanted to have a John Lennon do and grow his hair and beard out. (Yeah not sure what crisis you call this!) He gets a kick out of it so I have learned to just wait it out. The quieter I am the quicker it goes away, as long as the is no harm in it, right? I finally convinced him that he was way beyond being able to do the John Lennon thing and he let me cut it, but not without the fun.
The comb over!!
The mohawk!

Finally back to Lenn! And they say we have no entertainment!! Yeah right, we have Lenn, we will always have entertainment!! It would get pretty boring without him.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

What is going to happen this year for the BIG DAY?

As you all should know my BIRTHDAY IS A BIG DAY around here. I always thought it should be a national holiday! So lo and behold my birthday made it on the marquee board in Cokeville. That was 2006.

2006, oh what a year. We were building the house, changing jobs, and having a quarter life crisis. I shaved my head and some of my poor hair never came back..

2007, I thought nothing would top my quarter life crisis, but this year even got better. Still trying to grow my hair back and celebrated my birthday at Grandma Johnson's funeral. Yup, got to be a pall bearer on my birthday.

2008, with all my grandparents funerals behind me this was the year to celebrate! Then Owen was born. Spent the months leading up to my birthday in the hospital and a good deal of them after there too. This was the year I spent MY holiday in BED sicker than a dog. The entire week was spent by a huge bowl, room spinning, and a shot in the butt (thanks Karen).. Sounds great huh?

2009, funerals done, sickness done, this is the year to kick up the ole heels! This national holiday was spent in Houston.... Yup, in Texas. I flew home and celebrated early with the kids. I did have a really large piece of prime rib at salt grass steakhouse and a homemade pecan pie to myself, but it wasn't home...

2010, IS THIS THE YEAR? Already cut the remaining hair on my head and moved it lower to my chin area. Not in Texas, no funerals yet, and I am as healthy as a horse! What is going to happen tomorrow? The anticipation is killing me!

A side note-Happy Birthday Dr. Chan, you were a special family friend long before we knew we shared birthdays!