Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas 2014

Merry Christmas from the Johnson's

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A FEW Of My Favorite Things.....

I LOVE Christmas time! I saw these cute ornaments last year and loved them but as with most of my ideas it stayed in my head. This year I showed the idea to a friend then told her I found where you could get the wood blocks. Again, just thinking "oh that's a good idea", but instead she said she was ordering them. We ordered them and actually got them done! I am so grateful because I love them! I did more than this but my babies are some of the favorites. 

 I took this picture so he could be part of the school Christmas play. I love it!
He loved having the Santa hat on.
 I love our nativity! It was always a favorite decoration when my Mom put it up each year
and it continues to be a favorite.
 I love this boys smile...enough said :)
 Owen's Christmas tree.
 I love the Christmas tree lights when everything else is dark. There is such a special feeling of peace.
 I love our Christmas Eve acting out of the nativity.
 I love that this girl loves Owen!
She stopped to visit with him before she left for Jerusalam for a semester of school.

I love our Christmas lights that Lenn puts up, only with a little help from the rest of us!
This year he bought this angel, not a good picture, but I love it! It is even blue!

And of course the memories!! Aww the memories....I am not sure where Rhet was, 
maybe hiding from all the dolls;)