Monday, April 26, 2010

Pictures and Eulogy

These were taken when Landry was 2 weeks old. I am so glad I took them!
Bentley wanted to do about everything at Landry's funeral and I hesitated because I feared emotions would take over but was sure he could do it. Bentley read the eulogy and did a better job than I could have ever imagined doing myself. What a strength our 9 year old son is to us.
The miracle of 23 days
Landry Gale Johnson was born March 30, 2010. He came into this world with a weak little body but a determined spirit to fulfill his earthly mission. He started out on machines and fought each day for four days to get of the machines, breath on his own, drink a bottle, prove himself to everyone, and most of all come home. He had a mission to come home with his family and he did it. We were given 23 precious days and only eight were in the hospital. One of the eight days he was able to meet his siblings and celebrate Abby's birthday.
In 23 short but precious days he was blessed to have met 2 special doctors. Dr. McKenna gave him a blessing stating that his time on earth with his family would be rich. It was! Each kiss, hug and snuggle will be a memory to never forget. Dr. Chan was the ray of sunshine, as always. "I think we are coming out of the woods," he would say when we would call with another improvement.
His mission was to come home.
We gave him love-he showed us charity.
We gave him kisses-he filled our hearts with kindness.
We held him-he gave us comfort.
He showed us how much you can love someone in a short 23 days.
He was reunited with his grandparents, great grandparents, cousin, and many other angel friends on April 21, 2010. Although this time is a struggle we have been shown and given the pure love of Christ. We will forever be grateful to our Heavenly Father for the precious gift of our 23 day miracle, Landry Gale.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Landry Gale Johnson was born March 30, 2010 and passed away April 21, 2010.
What a precious gift of 23 days we were given. There was not much time but many tender moments were shared. Landry was born with low muscle tone which made his chest muscles very weak. After 3 weeks and one day his little body got too tired to endure any longer. We feel very blessed to have had his special spirit in our home and part of our eternal family.

We would like to thank Dr. Gary Chan, Dr. Russel McKenna, Dr. Catherine Depalma and the Logan NICU staff. These people worked very hard to get Landry home to be with his family.

Landry is survived by his parents Lenn and Gayle (Tinker) Johnson, siblings Bentley, Abby and Owen Johnson, all of Cokeville, Wyoming; Grandparents Robert and LaRue Johnson of Randolph, Utah; Michael and Jana Walker of Vernal and Bryan and Jodi Tinker of Manila. He is also survived by many loving aunts, uncles and cousins. He is preceded in death by his maternal grandparents Gale and Linda Sue Tinker and other great grandparents.

A viewing will be held from 11 a.m. to 12 noon, funeral services will follow in Cokeville, Wyoming at the LDS church on Saturday April 24, 2010. Interment will be held at the Laketown Cemetery following the services.

Services will be handled by Crandall Funeral Home in Evanston, Wyoming.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


The funeral will be Saturday the 24th of April at the LDS Church in Cokeville, Wyoming. A viewing will be held from 11 to noon and a funeral service to follow. Interment will be at the Laketown City Cemetery following the funeral or approximately around 2 pm. Crandall funeral home in Evanston is handling the arrangements. Thanks for all the prayers, calls and food...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

~One more angel in Heaven~

Landry Gale Johnson returned to live with his Heavenly Father today at 12:15. He left where he loved the most, in his mothers arms. We will be updating when his viewing and burial will be. Please respect us as we grieve.....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

"There's NO place like home!"

We clicked our heels three times and made it home yesterday. We had to postpone a day for weather but yesterday went great.Welcome home little Landry Gale!
A HUGE thank you to Vonda and Tracy this last week. Two earthly angels helped us out more than they will ever know!

Monday, April 5, 2010

~~Just one more miracle~~

Yesterday they took our little man off of high flow and he did great.

Last night they took him off oxygen all together and he is still doing very well. His oxygen sats are still great! We are so excited.

Last night I called the nurse and she was in the middle of feeding him, she stopped to answer my call. I could hear him crying. She said he was a little impatient with her taking his bottle away. It was so nice to hear a cry. I know that sounds crazy but for us it is a blessing and a miracle to hear a cry come from him.

He is eating great and more all the time. Just another miracle!

Thank you for all of your prayers and support. I know our prayers are being answered. His doctor (who is amazing too) thinks we can be thinking of the "H" word tomorrow,(we learned in Primary's to never say the word, so after it is over we will dare say it)!! We are so excited about this too!

His muscle tone is still very low, but we have learned to never give up.

When we do get him home we will be very cautious with visitors because he is a new baby and also we are not sure if his immune system could be somewhat compromised. We know everyone will be anxious to visit and to come and help but please be mindful of your health. The slightest little runny nose or cough could be something big for Owen or this little guy.

Again thank you, thank you for the prayers. It is amazing when prayers are said in your behalf, you can feel the love coming from miles. Thank you! We love you all and will keep you posted!!

(These posts are usually very quick so I apologize for any errors in the post. Just bare with me!)

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A happy birthday with miracles!!

Abby's birthday was yesterday and the NICU pulled some strings and let us bring our family to see our little man. Bentley and Abby were so excited to see their baby brother.Owen wasn't too excited but managed to do okay. Maybe he felt the hospital atmosphere and was ready to be back home!Bentley and Abby both got to hold him and they loved every second of it.
Now for the BIG miracle! Our little guy is drinking from a bottle!!! We are so excited! I think he wants to come home as fast as he can. Plans were changed yesterday from heading to Primary's to coming home from Logan when he is ready. I almost could not believe them over the phone when they told me he was eating from a bottle, I had to see it for myself. Last night I got to feed him and it was amazing. What a miracle! He is doing great. His muscle tone is still very low, but we will take whatever improvements we can.

Thank you for all your prayers!

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today: More improvements were made by our little man, (still with no name). Last night they took him off CPAP and he is still off and being weaned off the high flow. He started digesting food today. We are trying not to get too excited just in case but it sure is hard. I came home this afternoon and when I left he was more alert, wanting to suck a binki and moving a lot more. I never thought you could be proud of a baby but I sure am. I can't believe what a little fighter he is. It was so hard to leave him there but I knew I had to get home to celebrate Abby's birthday tomorrow and just being home is a comfort. I knew that he would have an amazing nurse tonight so I knew he would be okay.
This sticker is right above his bed and the nurse picked this room for him because of it.
This is what I left today, man was it hard!! Again I know he is in good hands. Thanks Ainsley.
Everyone asks "what can I do?", well I am actually going to ask for something. Please keep the prayers coming, they are being answered. I do believe in miracles.
Thank you to everyone already. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.