Thursday, July 11, 2013

An Owen update.....

I know I am getting worse at keeping up on this!  It was supposed to be a you know what my journal looks like! 
I love Owen's look on his face in this picture, it is so him!  Abby is showing the burp clothes she made for him.  She has been on a sewing kick this summer and so she took some scraps and made these pretty much by herself.  She did a great job.
Owen has been needing burp clothes like crazy lately!!  I am doing a load of burp clothes about every other day.  Yesterday I counted them...42!  Yes, he is going through that many in 2 days.  Crazy, I know!  I can't quite figure it out either so it makes me crazy.  It doesn't seem to bother him so I guess it's okay.  It's not the constant laundry that worries me, it's all those secretions waiting to be a breeding ground for bacteria!
I thought is was one thing, but ruled that out, then another and another.  He does have some allergies so that can be some of it.  I guess I will just keep that washer going!!
Other than being really gooey he has been doing well, he stays happy unless he doesn't like something.  He is staying healthy, knock on wood, so we are happy.

And here is the other Owen miracle, he has had so many!  Yesterday as I was thinking, 'I didn't even get the burp clothes folded and put away and they are gone', it hit me that a miracle was taking place.  See in the past 5 years Owen was only supposed to get weaker, that hasn't been the case.
When Owen was born he couldn't open one of his eyes, a few days later he had both open.  As the months went by he gained a few more movements like smiling, moving his wrists and fingers, moving his head once and rotating his ankle.  As he got bigger he began to lose these little movements, but as each movement was lost his facial expressions got stronger.
The new miracle is with all these secretions he should be aspirating all the time.  We were told that he would never be able to protect his airway.  Guess what?  He does and he has even learned to 'spit' them out.  These secretions should be draining into his lungs but instead they are ending up in a puddle on a his burp clothes!  Amazing if you ask me!
I will try to do a little catch up sometime and then do a better job on updates!