Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Owen finally got a haircut. As you can see how far behind I am, it happened on the sixth of October. His comb over was getting to long so Gayle put the scissors to it. And bless Owens heart he stayed really still through the ordeal.

Owen is growing like a weed. He started liking his binki again, sometimes he chews on it, but at least he likes something in his mouth. We have been battling sickness for the past few weeks and there have been some really short nights. I think that we are on the down hill side of things though.


We wait all year for this day, finally we see some money for our years work and we get rid of some calves. We shipped two truck loads of calves two weeks ago, actually the tenth of October. I am finally updating the blog.

As you can tell we were gathering cows before the sun came up. This picture is a cow man's best friend, the semi pulling into the yard to take some animals.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Funny branding picture

A pop and candy bar to the first person that can tell me what Julie is looking at? Or why she is in front of the chute?

Shriners visit, Nine month birthday

Happy nine month birthday Owen! We took Owen down to Shriners hospital in Salt Lake last Wednesday. That place is incredible and the people the same. We met with an orthopedic doctor and had Owen looked at. He said that Owen looks great for the situation he is in, and to come back on six months. We left with good feelings unlike leaving some hospitals. We met Julie for lunch and came home.

Falls' most miserable day, BRANDING

We branded the calves last Saturday. It took us all morning to cut out the animals and we finally started the long task after lunch. Dad and I ran the chute and worked on the animals. We had Nellie and Philip in the back pushing the calves up the alley. And when Julie wasn't at the water cooler or asking for her 15 minute breaks, she was pushing the calves into the chute. We tormented Julie all day about her many years of government work. Nellie got kicked by one of the calves and Julie told her to file for workmans comp. Bracken and Kristi would show up every once in a while to make sure everything was still running smooth. Finally at seven o'clock with eyes and lungs full of dust we finished.

I took these pictures with my cell phone while we brought in the cows. Bentley and Olivia helped out with his four wheeler.

Here is Kristi on one of her supervisory trips, holding up both Julie and Nellie's work.