Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sweet Angel- Mercydez

Sweet Mercydez earned her wings this morning and returned to live with her Heavenly Father. My heart hurts so bad for her sweet, enduring family.
I am so thankful for the knowledge of the gospel and knowing that this life is not the end. That knowledge doesn't make everything all better, but it seems to help ease the pain and make this life a little easier.
Their blog is on our blog list if you would like to visit it, it is A Forever Family. I hope that your prayers will continue for this family, mine will!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

We need your prayers for our little friend!

You have heard of us referring to Owen's birthday buddy, well here she is, Mercydez. She was born with CHD, which I am not even going to pretend I know what all that is. Right now little Mercydez is really sick. Her parents are so amazing and have been such a strength to Lenn and I. If you could please say a special pray for this wonderful family, that may get through this trial. My heart is just breaking for them. I can't imagine watching your little angel suffer as they have and as they are right now.
Mercydez has been such a fighter and has gone against all odds. She is truly a miracle that has blessed many, many lives including ours. She is like family to us. It is amazing how the NICU can really bond people together.
With that said, please pray for Mercydez and for her parents to have the strength and courage to endure.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Lenn!!

I thought I would take the chance to write and express some feelings about Lenn since it is his birthday it gives me a good opportunity. I thought about this months ago and thought I would get a lot of great pictures ready and a great write up. Yeah right! It didn't happen, but I still love ya Lenn! I think what I love most about Lenn is his growth over this last 14 months. What a special Dad and wonderful husband he has been. Last year was one of the hardest years thus far and he really held me up and was there for all of us. When I was in SLC with Owen and he was home playing super Dad and Mom he was amazing. I would call the kids at night and they were fed, ready for bed and playing games. He was my backbone when mine wasn't there and Shelly was gone (way to go Shelly). He has taught me so much this last year; one is to stand up for what I believe. He didn't let the doctors persuade him like I did, he stood his ground. Yes, many times he wasn't liked but I am thankful that he did. He is probably still talked about at the Logan NICU! But that is okay, he was his babies' advocate. Enough serious stuff, he will want to ban me from blogging if I keep it up.
One of Lenn's finest qualities his is sense of humor, especially with Bentley and Abby. There are a lot of silly times with Dad. The funny thing is, is this is his favorite picture!!!
Then there's the soft side of Lenn, not many people get the privilege of seeing this side, but believe me it is there!

Of course, the world's best Dad would be on the list. Since Owen joined our family he doesn't take one moment for granted.

This is the tender side that I absolutely fell in love with. This is one of my favorite pictures!
He loves his kids and would do anything for them, even if it is build a fort out of scrap wood because they wanted a look out to be able to watch all the animals. I think he did a great job.

Don't forget his desire to work and provide for our family.

Happy Birthday Lenn! We wish you were home to enjoy it and celebrate.

Lenn's birthday is a huge deal to him, in fact he has tried to get it to be selected as a national holiday. We just don't know the right people I guess. A few years ago when he was driving the school bus he was telling the Mayor's husband about how important his birthday is and that he tries to celebrate it for at least 3 weeks. Next thing we know it is on the town marque. He was so excited, as you can tell, we had to a picture.

We were able to celebrate with cake and ice cream when he was home last weekend, but rest assured there will be more of a party later, after all it is Lenn's birthday!

Bentley did the candle work, we only had one 3 so he tried making another 3 with single candles, after Abby corrected us on Daddy's age. We thought he was turning 32, and Abby knew we were wrong and guess what, we were!

Thanks Lenn for all you do and have a happy birthday! We can't wait until you are done 'playing' in the mud and come home!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not so much drama, just a lot of laughs.

To get the full affect of our humor start at Abby part 1 and work your way up!!

Not so funny, but oh so cute!
Owen soakin' up the sun, it was such a beautiful day but still not so warm outside. He was lovin' the big window. Bentley went outside and held up the cat for him to see and he thought that was amusing.

~More glove balloons~

Here is one of Abby's balloons. One side is 'Beke' (Becky) and the other side is Miles. Miles (cousin) and Becky are married, they are having a baby in May.
Here is how Abby sees them, in art of course. She brings this to me and says, "Look, here is Beke, she is happy she is having a girl. Look at Miles, he is mad they are having a girl". I don't know where she comes up with these things but they are 100% original. Miles and Becky are both happy they are having a girl. Congrats Miles and Becky and we will try to keep Abby under control.
Abby loves Becky and claims her as the cousin instead of Miles, even though she really likes him too.

Bentley is becoming quite the artist, although, unknowingly he gave this balloon a name that I wouldn't dare post on the Internet. I talked him out of the name and this dear balloon was re-named pirate Jack or something like that.
Sometimes innocence IS bliss!!

Abby- part 2

I know the title says Abby, but I need Bentley's lovely 'Dad' balloon to tell the story. I was in the living room just outside of Bentley's room where both he and Abby were playing and out of the blue I heard a pop and Abby saying "Oh, my Daddy!" I asked "what?". She came out with the most serious face and put her arms in the air and said "Bentley just popped our Dad!" It was so funny and probably one of those 'had to be there' moments, but she acted as though Bentley had just wounded her Daddy!
Oh, what fun we have with Owen's medical equipment.
Without Owen's things where would the entertainment be.

Abby- part 1

Abby came home from school the other day and told me about a coloring contest. She was so excited and started coloring right away. I walked by a few minutes later and, of course, told her what a good job she was doing. She replied, "Yeah, 1st place gets $100 and 2nd place gets $50." I said "Wow"! She tell said, "I'm feeling that I will get 3rd, they get a book and NO dollars". I couldn't help but laugh, but she was so serious and distraught about not winning any money. I then told her that 3rd place would be great and a lot of kids won't even get a book.
Abby, what a kid!!!