Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You would think it was Christmas around here!

I know it's March and not December but....Owen got an ipad and he loves it and so does everyone else! We hold his hand to use his fingers to do the work and loving it doesn't describe the joy we see on his face. We have really been blessed since Owen and this ipad is just another blessing. Owen qualified for the waiver program in Wyoming and that has made this possible.
Brother time! Owen loves his big brother especially when he spends time with him.
This is something new to us. I think it has been out for awhile but I just heard of it. It is Eagle Eyes. The electrodes on Owen's face make his eyes the mouse to the computer. Yesterday a guy came up to do an evaluation because I wanted to make sure it would be good for Owen before ordering it. He did really well but did not like the "monkey's jumping on the bed video". It is so funny to see him make up his mind and find a way to tell us. He loved the annoying banana song and the alien singing "I will survive" and then getting smashed by a disco ball at the end. He is all boy! He played that video over and over and it didn't take him long to restart it each time.
He work so hard for almost two hours! He was exhausted! He looked like he had just run a marathon when the guy left. Who knew it could be so much work? He did great and really enjoyed it, now we are going to see if there enough programs for Owen and then we will see about getting this program.
It is amazing what there is in technology.
The video is of Owen turning on the two videos all by himself. His eyes are the cursor and he has to control his eye movement enough to hit the target (picture) for the video to start. This was at the first so he was a little slower but he got really fast when he liked it.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy Birthday

You had a birthday, we shouted hooray

We got to sing to you all day.

One year older and wiser too

Happy birthday to Lenn!

Lenn's birthday was this week and I wanted to post something on or before but I didn't get to it so here is a late happy birthday. I wanted to try something new so I made him an ice cream cake and it turned out pretty tasty.

Lenn got to play with his animals all day to celebrate his birthday and then dinner and his cake that night.
Now for the pictures I have been wanting to post! Here is Lenn's winter growth and slowly it starts to go away.

Here is the new man of the house. We always gladly welcome him back in the spring. Although Bentley and Abby love it when he shaves it goofy and want him to keep it that way.
We always have plenty of silliness around here. We never have to worry about a dull moment!

But to be serious Lenn is quite the guy, I probably take him for granted more than I should but I try not too. He has learned to do a lot especially since Owen was born. He has had to step up and do more than his share and he has done great at it. He is a great Dad that loves his kids and wants to be involved. He takes Bentley and Abby whenever he can and they love to spend time with him too. The part I take most for granted is that he wants to be involved with Owen. I thought that was normal but so many people at Primary's were surprised when Lenn wanted to learn all about Owen and take part in caring for him. I am grateful that he has always been involved with all of our children and that he is such a great Dad to them.