Thursday, November 18, 2010

A little of everything

I started on this post last night but got too tried and went to bed. This morning after checking a blog these pictures mean even more to me now. We have been following the Coleman's since there story ran on KSL. They are an SMA family so we feel somewhat connected to them even though we have never met. Their sweet Jonas was called back home to his Heavenly Father last night. Our hearts break for them. It is so hard to have a little one go. So please as you say your prayers, keep this family in them.

That being said...I love my children a little more today. Sadly I still have to be reminded that no one has a guarantee of tomorrow.

I take new pictures each fall. This year, for whatever reason, it got put off until we almost missed it. I told Bentley and Abby that we would hurry if they would cooperate. I got the above picture!!! Maybe we need a lesson on the meaning of cooperation?? I think it turned out cute anyway.
Owen can make the funniest faces. He makes us laugh all the time.

My sweet boy, red faced and all. This is our snuggle time almost every night. I don't love pictures of myself but I knew I would be devastated if I waited too long to get one, so I had Lenn take one. I am grateful that I did.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

~Halloween 2010~

We carved pumpkins on Friday. Abby was determined to do hers by herself and she did. She only wanted help once and I think she did a great job. Owen enjoyed the whole pumpkin experience this year too. He didn't mind his hands in the pumpkin goo and then he picked his pumpkins face. I drew different shapes on paper and then he chose the eyes, nose and mouth. He was pretty excited when each one was done. He would give us an approval smile.
Bentley is always bound and determined to carve a pumpkin that is above the easy level. Once again he did it. You cannot see it very well in the picture but it is a little monster and it turned out really cute. He did a great job. I would not have the patience, that is why Owen got the choices he got!!
Our annual jack-o-lantern pizza. This year we did not do all of our normal traditions because Lenn and Bentley were shipping calves and the day got away from us before we new it. Abby usually goes with the boys to do ranch stuff, but this time she decided not to. Friday night she said, "I know, how about I stay here with you and we can decorate." So cute, but pathetic that the little girl has to decorate for Halloween the weekend of. Pathetic on my part, but it was cute and she had a good time.
Abby the unicorn, Owen the giraffe and Bentley the cowboy. We had a fun time trick-or-treating and came home and went to bed.
Now bring on the Christmas music....