Monday, October 17, 2011

Bentley's peewee football

We made it through another year of peewee football. This was Bentley's last year and next year he will be playing in Jr. High sports. His team had a great year with some really great coaches. The dad that was in charge this year got some of last years high school graduates to coach the boys. They did such a great job with them. The boys loved them and worked really hard for them.
In fact, they were so great I have to tell about our last game. In Cokeville 3rd graders play to help with numbers. This year there was a 3rd grader that has a love for football that is unmeasurable, but his physical capabilities hold him back a little. His one side is very strong but the other isn't as strong due to some strokes as a newborn. The coaches knew of this love and in the last game they had a special play just for him. They had the 5th graders go in to block for him to run the ball. They wanted him to score but it didn't happen but he made it a good 20 yards or so. It was incredible that these boys just out of high school would even think of such a thing. Not only did they make this 3rd graders day, they taught all those players a great life lesson. It is something that Bentley will never forget doing. He loved going in and blocking for this boy and will forever look up to the coach that had him do it.

With that said, enjoy the video of Bentley's years of peewee football!

Bentley's Peewee Football from Gayle Johnson on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not already!!

I am so NOT ready for this!!!

It snowed all day today, I am sure it will be gone by tomorrow but I am not ready for winter again. It just ended, didn't it?

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day 2 of our little vacation

I have been bugging Lenn for a long time about taking Owen to the Zoo. He has never been there and I think every child needs to go to the zoo. After we got there though I realized a movie about the zoo might have been better for Owen but o'well we were there so we might as well enjoy the atmosphere.
Bentley and Abby were tired from the night before but they still seemed to have a good time. Bentley is always such a good helper when it comes to helping with Owen or his equipment. We decided to rent a wagon to pull around suction and diaper bag. Bentley insisted on pulling it around almost the whole time and you know how steep those little hills get when pulling or pushing something. Bentley and Abby love posing with all the statues.

Abby couldn't figure out why this turkey wasn't in a cage or something. It was walking amongst all the people and it had Abby baffled.

This was one of the few animals that Owen could see and he loved it. The gorilla came right up to the glass and then sat down with his back to us. It was funny he kept looking over his shoulder at Owen and Owen didn't take his eyes off of him.

Of course the train ride. I was a little disappointed that Owen couldn't go on the train but Abby and Bentley still did and had fun. I never realized what all the kids laying in a stroller miss at the zoo and if they can't get out they can't even go on the train. It is crazy what we take for granted.
We had a great little vacation, not far from home and not too long. It was great. I was a little worried about germs but we survived and everyone is well.