Thursday, January 30, 2014

So much to catch up on!

I am not sure where to start since I am so far behind!  My computer has had issues with uploading pictures, and without pictures I cannot blog.  My love for pictures makes me put words with them.
I know this is a lot of pictures, that's why I put them all in collages. If you click on the picture it should enlarge it.
Hopefully now that I have the issue with my computer figured out and I will get back to keeping you all up on our adventures.
Lamb shows and fair time!

Summer and football.  Lenn wanted a picture with the big baler and little baler so I took some pictures and had to add the old bale wagon or stacker. The childhood memories that come back each and every time I see one of these are priceless.  

Homecoming 2013

Future home of the Lucky U show sheep barn.  Abby has asked if it is the same kind of project as the basement.  Oh, my Abby.  She isn't about to get too excited about it quite yet.

Decorating the Christmas trees, my birthday and basketball.
(I just realized this has two of the same picture of Owen, sorry.)

Abby's school play, clogging and Christmas eve.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Making a little history

Today there was a few fun moments I want to remember, no pictures though, sorry.  First of all Bentley got his first real hair cut and style last night.  Second, he really liked it and actually did it today WITH some gel! Big deal here :) With his new do, he wore a shirt that was not a sports t-shirt. We may be turning a corner here!  I cannot believe I didn't get a picture.

Today Owen's therapist came and I was telling her how he had been acting lately, it is almost like he is trying to answer my questions.  I have noticed that when I ask him a question it seems like he wants to answer me with a blink or his mouth.  Since she knows what she is doing she started working with him asking simple questions. Sure enough, he would blink for yes.  It was so fun and exciting to see. Mainly because it wasn't just in my head but he actually has been answering  questions.  I hope to get some videos, but it may be hard because he knows when the camera is out.