Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Bentley and Pee Wee Football

Bentley turned 9 last Monday! He wanted a football cake so Gayle and I came up with this one. I know, I know Texas beat Wyoming but we can still have a Cowboy cake. All that matters is the smile behind the cake.

Bentley is playing peewee football this year. Cokeville lets the third graders play because the sixth graders have to make numbers on the jr high. He is number 20 in black and orange.

Here is Bentley scoring against Rich in the B game. He has scored three times in the B game. The first was against Mt. View and then Rich. On Saturday in Mt. View, Bentley scored on a sixty yard scamper.

Here he is handing the ball off.

In the A game making a tackle.

Bentley starts on defense as a inside linebacker, and comes in for running back for the A game.