Sunday, August 29, 2010

-Check this out-

My sister-in-law called me the other night to tell me about a family on the news. This family has a BEAUTIFUL little boy just older than Owen with SMA. At the time they were expecting a baby girl who would also have this devastating disease. She was born a few days later. If you want to see the video it is on, the story is called 'Family prepares to face rare disease for a second time.'
This family seems amazing!
An organization is doing a carnival in their behalf to raise money to help them with medical costs. They will be updating their blog with more info., if you can help this family visit their blog.
It seems crazy, but whenever we hear about another family in similar situations we feel so connected with them without even knowing them.

I know I haven't done an Owen update lately, but I promise one soon. (Just don't hold your breath.)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

First Day of School

Bentley and Abby went to there first day of school yesterday. I cannot believe summer is gone. Bentley is excited because his teacher like field trips. Abby is excited because she get the same teacher as last year and she spoils them.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Proud Moment

Yesterday at the fair Abby showed one of our baby goats in the open class. She was supposed to be in the unusual pet show but they put her in with the other goats. That was all good except the other goats were meat goats and Abby's was a 6 week old fainter. Needless to say there was a bit of a size difference. She did great!

Bentley showed in showmanship yesterday. He did a super job. Lenn and I were so proud of him. He was the grand champion junior showman. I was so excited for him that I could hardly go to sleep last night. Right before he went into the ring I told him the better he did the more premium money he would get. Well I lied to him, not meaning to of course, but here they gave a blue ribbon and a bucket for the grand showman. (Oops!) It made him smile at the judge anyway, right??

Today was the market classes. Bentley took third in his class, which was great. While he was showing he was in the first place position for a bit, then to second and at the last minute she switched him to third. I think the judge took the longest on that class deciding which one was better. We were actually shocked at how well Wilma did, because in July she decided to become anorexic for most of the month. We thought she would be a lot further behind the other lambs.

Bentley did great for his first year!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting Ready for Fair......and the Petting Zoo!

Lenn decided he would be brave and give shearing Wilma a shot!! He did a great job. Bentley shows her on Thursday and Friday. I think he and I are both excited to be done and poor Abby is so sad that Fred and Wilma will be apart after tomorrow. (Fred is Wilma's friend to keep her company.)To keep Abby's mind off of Wilma not returning home we told her she could show one of our fainters in the unusual pet show. She is pretty excited to show Daisy, but she can't get her to lead very well. She got her all washed today and now she might decide to show one of the kids so she can pick it up and carry it if it won't follow her. Abby is hilarious, "I just wish I would have worked with her all summer," she says.
Since Abby wanted to show a goat our back yard has turned into the Johnson Petting Zoo.