Friday, June 15, 2012

Make a Wish

Owen's doctor and friend Toni at Primary's have been trying to get us to let them refer Owen to Make a Wish.  Well this year we accepted.  We tried to think of ideas that Owen would love and we came up with two that he could choose from.  We did one to stay at home and one to travel.  The one for home was a gazebo surrounded with trees so he could enjoy the outdoors and the other was a trip to Denver in a motor home to the Aquarium and Zoo.
I printed off some pictures and explained each one to him.  Then I put them on his choice board and let him make the choice.  He gave the gazebo a quick look and then he was done with that!  He found the trip to Denver and grinned and wouldn't take his eyes off of it.
This is the Make a Wish volunteer, she has been doing this for 15 years.  Amazing!
This is his choice board, his therapists came up with this and he does great at making choices from toys to shapes and colors and now making a wish.

Bentley, Owen and Abby showing off their Make a Wish gifts.  Bentley and Abby are so excited for this trip and I know Owen will love the Aquarium and the motor home.
A small world....I posted a comment on facebook looking for fun ideas for a wish.  I got a text shortly after from a cousin saying that their high school had done a Make a Wish fundraiser and ask if they could be Owen's sponsor.  What a crazy small world!  After a few phone calls it was a done deal that Farson/Eden High School would be Owen's sponsor for his wish.  So a BIG THANK YOU to this school and the people who donated to this fundraiser!